Evaluation essentials for engagement

Learn essential information about evaluation for community engagement from this team of experts.

Join Allison Hendricks (Darzin Software), Max Hardy (Max Hardy Consulting), and our founder Megan Girdler for a one-day course to equip you with new frameworks, tools and techniques for evaluation.

Gain new expertise with our practical advice and take-away resources. During the interactive workshop, we’ll walk through how to create an evaluation strategy, tools you can use and techniques to make the process of reporting back on your engagement easier.

This course will be available in Sydney on 27 November 2018.

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Evaluation essentials - set yourself up for success

A question on the minds of many who work in community engagement is - how can we better demonstrate the effectiveness and value of our efforts? This course will demystify engagement evaluation.

Effective evaluation defines meaningful objectives and measures for success at the beginning of a project (rather than thinking about it afterwards). With an evaluation strategy at the outset, you'll be able to provide more comprehensive reports to community, stakeholders and key decision-makers at the end of the process. This increases transparency for your project and gives everyone peace of mind you ran an authentic process with measurable outcomes.

Allison, Max and Megan have close to fifty years of shared experience working on digital, traditional and deliberative engagement projects across Local, State and Federal government organisations/agencies; businesses; and non-profits. With our powers combined, we'll equip you with strategies, tools and resources you can use to report back on your next engagement project like a pro.

Included in with your ticket...

Key content and features of our Evaluation Essentials course:

  • A one-day, face-to-face training session hosted by Allison, Max and Megan.
  • Advice on measuring what counts - not just what's easy to measure.
  • Take-away resources, including: list of evaluation tools you can use and a mini evaluation strategy template.
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Learning outcomes

After this training, you'll be able to answer these questions and more:

  • Did your engagement project achieve what it set out to do?
  • Were you able to engage a diverse and relevant range of people in a meaningful conversation?
  • Did you talk to people who would actually be impacted by the outcome of your work?
  • What aspects of your project did the community influence?


  • Sydney course: 9:00 - 4.00pm, Tue 27 November 2018 (CBD venue to be confirmed). Limited to 40 places.
People review a range of evaluation metrics on ipads and in paper reports. From the Future Boutique image library.

This course has been designed for people who:

  • Design or run engagement processes;
  • Lead a team of engagement practitioners;
  • Want to implement consistent standards or introduce new engagement methods to your team/organisation; or
  • Oversee a project for the public sector and have a requirement to demonstrate community input/influence.

Introducing Max, Allison & Megan

Image of Max Hardy, along with Max Hardy Consulting logo

Max Hardy

Max Hardy Consulting – Principal

Max is renowned internationally for his skillful design and facilitation of deliberative processes throughout Australia.

With a particular interest in deliberative democracy and appreciative inquiry, Max has developed innovative models for collaboration and community engagement for twenty years.

He has co-authored two books, presented papers at numerous international conferences, and is a regular guest lecturer at the University of Sydney, and University of Melbourne. He has also won numerous National and International Awards for his deliberative community engagement processes.

More info on Max's site.

Allison Hendricks' headshot and Darzin Software logo.

Allison Hendricks

Darzin Software - Director

Allison started Darzin Software in 2004 to develop software that supports community and stakeholder engagement processes. As a consultant in this field for 12 years, she realised that our industry needed better ways of managing the vast amount of data that is generated when we engage.

A few years ago Allison developed an Evaluation Framework for community engagement based on the Brisbane Declaration. Evaluation has been a driving interest and passion for her and she’d love to see some standardised evaluation approaches, industry benchmarks and KPIs for stakeholder engagement. In her work at Darzin Software and prior to that as a consultant engagement practitioner, Allison developed and delivered numerous training courses for government and industry, in Australia and internationally.

More on Allison's LinkedIn.

Photo of Megan Girdler with the Future.Boutique logo.

Megan Girdler

Founder and Principal Consultant

Fascinated by futurism, the human condition and science fiction, Megan is a digital community engagement specialist with more than a decade of experience. She delivers innovative digital engagement projects for international brands, government organisations and non-profits.

Recently Megan created participation websites for VicRoads, Melbourne Water and the Impact Investment Group. Throughout her career she's designed digital tools and strategies, to engage diverse communities: from coal miners in North Queensland and Australian scientists, to PR professionals in New York, Brazilian business executives and Victorian road users.

More info on Megan's LinkedIn.

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Melbourne session on Tuesday, 16 October, 2018, Sydney session on Tuesday, 27 November, 2018