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A boutique
digital engagement

We help organisations and their diverse communities to do new things together online.

Include more people, build better relationships and have authentic conversations that make a difference.


Ask the right people the right questions. Identify a range of individuals, community groups and partners who can take your project to the next level.

Digital strategy

Integrate digital tools with traditional engagement approaches for broad and deep understanding of people’s needs, priorities and aspirations.


Use the right tools for the job. Find out when and how to use surveys, polls, emails, VR, AR and interactive maps to gather real-time insights.


Captivate your community with social media, video, animation, graphics and engaging web content. Tell story of your project to more people in more places.

Reporting back

Make data-driven decisions and build trust by analysing people’s contributions and letting them know how they’ve influenced you.


Build your team’s capacity for innovative engagement with training and mentoring tailored to your experience and level of technical know-how. 

Work in collaboration, not isolation, to make a positive impact and maintain meaningful change.

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"The future is already here,
it's just not evenly distributed."

- William Gibson